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I love you Michael!

Bratek's screamed out... just like a teenage girls used to do at their best... :-P

"I talked to [executive producer] Brad Wright a couple of weeks ago, and he asked me if I'd be interested in doing a cameo in the Universe pilot, and I of course said I would be," Shanks said in an exclusive interview. "And there's a great deal of talk about [it]. ... They've got a script going and everything like that."

Shanks added that he hasn't put Dr. Jackson away completely yet. "There will be a Stargate SG-1 movie [for DVD], probably filmed around the same time the [Stargate] Atlantis movie is filmed this coming summer," he added. "So that's all going to be going on."

Całość tutaj.

Na wieść o udziale Michael'a w SG Universe, w komentarzach znalazłem coś takiego:

By Paul at 9:20 PM ON 01/26/09
Didn't Jackson die on SG-1?

By Mikou at 9:23 PM ON 01/26/09
Jackson died several times. Never did stick, though.

Niestety, tutaj ktoś ma rację, bo mam takie samo skojarzenie...

By Danubus at 2:41 AM ON 01/27/09
Stargate Universe is a ripoff of Star Trek Voyager. I have always been a big Stargate fan, but this is so unoriginal its just sad.

Pozostaje mieć troszkę zaufania do twórców, że jednak coś z tym zrobią, żeby nie wyszło na totalny plagiat... Na jesieni mają ruszyć z SG Universe w tv! :-D

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