poniedziałek, 5 stycznia 2009

Who's gonna tell me what is the reason

for I'm doing what I'm doing heaving heard a radio song - When My Anger Starts To Cry?
There's one who knows a part of it but is there anyone who knows it all?

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Czort pisze...

Reason: Sensibility & sense.

Not yet - will keep on reading & trying to understood.

Bart pisze...

Jak jest 'wtręt' po angielsku???????
W sensie od wtrącać... :-)))

Anyway, I think you're fucking close! I can feel it but I'm afraid I can't answer this question myself yet... Well...
There are moments I can feel something and I think I could figure out what is going on but I just don't want to. I leave it and let it grow until I finally know it! Sometimes I do not have to think. Sometimes it comes to me without using my consciousness.

I love you baby, and if it's quite alright... tarararara... tararararara... I love you baby... :-)))))))))))))))))))))

Idziem spać!

Czort pisze...

So baby
Tell me your dreams
Tell me your fears
Are you scared?
Tell me your stories
Are you afraid of who I am?

throw-in = wtracenie

Bart pisze...

Ale mi chodzi o 'wtręt' :-)))))

Czort pisze...

intercalation choc nie do konca pasuje
zmeczony jestem

Czort pisze...

meddlesomeness to moze lepiej ale bez kontekstu ani rusz

Bart pisze...

'Meddlesomeness' wydaje się odpowiednie ale jakie to długaśne! :-))))

Dzięki! :-))

Miłego dzionka!

wojt pisze...

just to put my word in: digression ;)