sobota, 23 sierpnia 2008

a little fuel surcharge

Washington, we have a problem...
Maggie Aug 14, 2008 6:46 PM - Show original item

The latest international news, of course, is that the Russians are throwing their weight around in Georgia and most everyone else, including the US, doesn't approve. This might all quiet down and blow over; that's happened before. Or it might not, in which case relations between the US and Russia might be less friendly for a while. This could make life interesting for NASA in 2011.

That's when NASA's current contract with the Russians for Soyuz flights to the space station ends. I expect that the Russians will provide flights through the end of the current contract even if relations deteriorate; hard cash doesn't hypnotise them the way it used to, but it still carries weight. There might be some delays and some unforeseen extra fees (say, a little fuel surcharge), but they'll deliver . . . on those flights.

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